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PSC is pleased to provide the “PSC Podcast” featuring our thought leaders and energy experts sharing their views on the electric power industry. During each episode, our experts will examine a relevant topic by providing their insights and perspectives on the latest industry trends, technologies and general issues of the day.

PSC podcast

Video Podcast | In this video podcast, Adam Maloyd from PSC UK provides a fundamental overview of utilizing modeling in Fault Ride Through (FRT) dynamic studies. These studies play a crucial role in ensuring that the power system can endure and recover from fault events. Please watch, “Modeling FRT: Modeling and studies for resilience during and after fault events”. (Running time 7:08)

Check out this related article by Adam Maloyd, “The Complexity of Renewables: Fault Ride Through.”

Video Podcasts

Energized Futures: Conversations with PSC CEO Alex Boyd

Video Podcast | Episode 5: Visualizing a post-transition world 

The world can feel overwhelming, from pandemics and politics to wars and climate crises. It’s easier to tune out all the bad news, even when we should pay attention. The energy transition is one area where we need to take notice. Join Alex in this, the last episode of his video podcast series, as he envisions a post-transition world and speaks about how visualization can be a powerful tool to stay focused on what must be accomplished during the energy transition, noting that short-term difficulties will result in long-term benefits. (Running time 9:32)

Video Podcast | Episode 4: Accelerating the energy transition

With decarbonization targets approaching, accelerating the energy transition has become more critical than ever. Join Alex in this episode, where he explores the declining costs of renewable energy technologies, the potential for significant economic savings, and the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, which makes slowing down an untenable option. Overcoming economic, technological, and political hurdles requires collective action and unwavering commitment from governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide. We can create a sustainable and prosperous future by embracing an accelerated transition! (Running time 9:55)

Video Podcast | Episode 3: Opportunities within the complexity and simplicity

The energy transition presents many opportunities to be more creative with reaching our decarbonization targets. Some of these opportunities are borne from complexity, some from simplicity. In this episode, Alex talks about how the power system is increasingly complex with the transition to renewables and how the long-term benefits of building solutions that address these opportunities will be significant. Today, we can meet our needs by embracing complexity, carefully planning, and utilizing advanced technologies to build a more modern infrastructure to support the energy transition to renewables. (Running time 7:45)

Video Podcast | Episode 2: The need for fossil fuel support

One of the most polarizing issues with energy transition is the relationship between the fossil fuel industry and emerging renewable alternatives. Fossil fuels have been at the core of global economies for more than 150 years, responding to evolving industry and consumer demand. In this episode, Alex talks about the time and strategic planning required to support and create an industrial ecosystem where it can thrive. The foundation of this planning is cooperation and collaboration between the renewables sector and fossil fuels stakeholders. Fossil fuels will still play a vital role during this multi-decade transition. We have a long way to go, and our best strategy will be an “all-fuels-on-deck” approach with teamwork rather than conflict. (Running time 9:52)

Video Podcast | Episode 1: The path to a healthy environment

Climate change is one of modern society’s most extensive worldwide crises, and the energy transition has a significant role in combating it. In this episode, Alex addresses how renewable energy represents a powerful opportunity to tackle climate change while bolstering societal and environmental health. This comprehensive view is essential for garnering global support for energy transition goals. We are not just talking about reducing carbon emissions; we’re addressing a broader vision of creating healthier, more sustainable communities—a narrative that makes the energy transition an even more compelling and urgent solution. (Running time 10:36)

Audio Podcasts

Audio Podcast | In this latest podcast, PSC APAC’s Hesam Marzooghi shares a summary of his recent publication, written with global collaborators: “Issues and Challenges of Grid-Following Converters Interfacing Renewable Energy Sources in Low Inertia Systems: A Review”. (Running time 4:26)

Check out the article, “Issues and Challenges of Grid-Following Converters Interfacing Renewable Energy Sources in Low Inertia Systems: A Review.

Audio Podcast | PSC UK’s Graeme Hutchison talks about the offshore wind situation in the Asia Pacific region, giving a peek into his new whitepaper linked below! (Running time 8:41)

Check out our White Paper, “How a regulatory framework impacts the evolution of offshore wind in APAC.”

Audio Podcast | In this, our inaugural podcast, Matt Robinson, PSC’s head of global strategic service development, discusses the energy transition and PSC’s role in it. (Running time 14:40)

Check out our eBook, “Perspectives on the energy transition.”

Audio Podcast | PSC APAC’s Hesam Marzooghi offers an introduction to a new eBook, “The role of BESS in the future power systems,” written by a technical cohort from PSC APAC. (Running time 4:24)

Check out our eBook, “The role of BESS in future power systems.”

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