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We help utilities and energy companies overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing industry by providing independent consulting and engineering solutions that allow them to innovate and thrive.

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With offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia,
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Unravelling the Complexities of Compliance

Unravelling the Complexities of Compliance

PSC UK’s Mikhail Lukianenko and Richard Adams outline the challenges regarding regulatory frameworks for relay protection industry.

Integrating Multivendor Numerical Relays: Substation Design Challenges

PSC UK’s Richard Adams and Mikhail Lukianenko shed light on challenges Protection & Controls (P&C) engineers face while integrating microprocessor-based relays from various vendors.

Navigating the complex terrain of power system modeling

Power system studies are crucial in the ever-evolving landscape of energy generation and distribution. Abdullah Al-Digs from PSC North America highlights some of the ways the market players can navigate the increasingly complex power system during this transformation of the grid, noting that the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) into the distribution system still poses challenges.

Optimal placement of reactive power compensation

Every power system needs some form of reactive power support to maintain system reliability and to counter disturbances that may lead to a drop in voltage. Voltage stability is a key limitation to the enhanced integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid. In this article, PSC’s Devansh Gautam explores key factors that should be considered.

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