eBook: The role of BESS in future power systems
August 9, 2023

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are essential in today’s energy mix. They enable energy to be stored and then released to provide various services to the grid, such as backup power, peak shaving, frequency regulation, voltage support and grid stabilization.

As the trend toward renewables continues, how we generate and manage electricity is changing significantly. BESS are proving to be a technology enabler, allowing greater penetration of intermittent renewable inverter-based resources into the power system.

Join us in this industry-informing eBook based on a series of articles by PSC subject matter experts Djino Pirsic, Hesam Marzooghi, Amir Mehrtash and Mohammad Seidaliseifabad about the role of BESS in future power systems.

Read the eBook here (PDF), or simply click on the cover image to launch the PDF in another browser window.