WHITE PAPER: How a regulatory framework impacts the evolution of offshore wind in Australia
September 18, 2023
Graeme Hutchison

Dr. Graeme Hutchison

In this white paper, author Graeme Hutchison provides insight into Australia’s offshore renewable energy framework, its components, and comparisons with schemes from other countries, all in an effort to help new Australia offshore wind market participants navigate these complex waters.

With Australia’s national regulatory framework for offshore energy in effect since June 2022, there has been an uptick in the offshore wind sector as domestic and international players and developers regularly announce new and enhanced projects. There is significant variance in ownership structure outcomes and the operation of associated assets, which are fundamental to making strategic investment decisions.

PSC attempts to navigate these possibilities with a perspective that informs and continues the discussion on the direction of offshore wind in Australia.

Read the white paper here (PDF), or simply click on the cover image to launch the PDF in another browser window. 

You can also listen to a short interview with the author in episode 3 of our podcast here.