eBook: Perspectives on the Energy Transition
March 23, 2023
Dr. Anil Jampala
Alex Boyd CEO

There are many biases and misconceptions surrounding the energy transition. Alex Boyd’s latest eBook, Perspectives on the Energy Transition, takes readers on a journey that discusses some of the underrepresented facts and conclusions reached to address the tension often accompanied by energy transition conversations. Don’t miss this eye-opening and thought-provoking publication!

Join PSC in this industry-informing eBook based on a series of articles by CEO Alex Boyd about the transformational shift from fossil-based generation to zero-carbon sources of green energy.

Developed to encourage open dialogue across the energy market as a whole, the aim is to initiate some of the challenging conversations about the energy transition in a respectful way to stimulate ideas that might spark new strategies for growth and innovation.

Read the eBook here (PDF), or simply click on the cover image to launch the PDF in another browser window.