About Us

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PSC Vision and Values

  Our Vision

To empower people to transform the energy industry so that, together, we will power a sustainable world.

  Our “Why”

The energy transition is vital to our future and we are compelled to make a difference.

  Our Values

Our values shape our work environment, our culture and the business decisions we make.


Do the right thing

We act with authenticity and integrity and hold each other accountable even when it is not the easy path.


Foster bright ideas

We embrace diverse perspectives, collaborate globally and challenge ourselves with opportunities to innovate.


Invest in the future

We invest in our people, cultivate relationships and develop solutions so that we can all contribute more to a sustainable future.


Celebrate success

We encourage greatness in everything we do and celebrate the successes of our people and partners.

  Our Story

Since we were established in New Zealand in 1995, PSC has steadily grown into a global firm, supporting clients on every continent – except that really cold one.

  Our Founders

PSC was founded by Tony Armstrong, Robyn Armstrong and Dr. Ranil de Silva who led PSC from 1995 until 2017. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without the solid foundation they built and their pioneering spirit which lives on in PSC.

Get PSC’s full origin story direct from Tony here.

Passionate People.
Challenging Work.
Small Company Culture.
Great Benefits.

New Zealand Scholarship

PSC provides scholarships for 3rd year and 4th year University students studying power engineering in New Zealand. The Electrical Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre) at the University of Canterbury helps us manage the scholarships and is one of the ways we enhance the co-operation between academia and industry. Apply and make a difference in the Electrical Power Engineering industry in New Zealand.

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