A quick look back on 2022
January 4, 2023

Alex Boyd

It’s always challenging to condense 12 months of experience into a tidy two-minute read, but here goes!

2022 saw the global energy industry continue the transition toward decarbonization. At PSC, we’re committed to being part of the solution. Here, we look back to see how we performed toward our vision to empower people to transform the energy industry so that, together, we will power a sustainable world.

Our team

People are at the core of our business and our culture.  In 2022 we continued to recruit aplenty with our numbers growing to 259 in November – and climbing. This is in no small part due to the great team of dedicated recruiters we now have across all of our regions.

Of course, retaining our people is equally important, and 2022 also saw us work on several major programs of training and development that are squarely aimed at creating the best working environment and culture that we can. Our people team in partnership with Cam Smith from Engineering Leaders rolled out two programs that developed our leadership’s ability to work and lead together as well as develop better, long-term relationships with our clients.

To make sure we understand everyone’s career and development goals and can support our people in achieving them we now run our manager-staff review process every quarter to keep up the momentum and encourage better conversations and working relationships.

Our clients

2022 was the year we transitioned back from the virtual world to the physical world – and we were chomping at the bit to do so! We attended some of the world’s biggest trade and industry conferences and reconnected with old friends and clients as well as making quite a lot of new ones. Some of the highlight events were Distributech in the US, CIGRE Session in Europe and Singapore international energy week. These events allow us to discuss the latest developments in our industry, learn from our peers and clients, make new connections and understand more about what the energy industry is going to need from PSC over the next few years.

We’ve also helped many clients around the world move their transformation plans forward. We upgraded network control and management systems to better cope with more renewables, we connected and interconnected GWs of renewables and batteries to systems across the world and we’ve helped several market operators plan and implement new market systems that enhance electricity trading.

Of course, our vision isn’t that PSC just delivers solutions, we also want to share what we learn and develop our skills, so in 2022 we ran webinars with media outlets in the US and Australia to share our knowledge and encourage conversations about important topics. We also formalized our partnership with Monash University in Melbourne and began work with them on a research project to develop a better understanding of the way energy storage can integrate into a major energy market.

Our services

We remain focused on making sure that what we do matches up with why we are in business, and so management spent a considerable amount of time identifying areas that we’ll investigate further to develop into new services or ways of working. We made a deliberate commitment to this at the end of 2021 with the internal appointment of a senior business leader at PSC who is dedicated to the development of our industry engagement strategy. We carried out some detailed market research into the Asian energy market and found a number of new opportunities we think we can grow into over the next three years. Strategic Advisory is a key component and Europe and APAC are working together to develop that service offering into the Asia region in 2023.

Offshore wind (OSW) is a technology that brings a number of our services together and has been developed to date mainly in Europe. PSC has been involved in that journey for many years now, and as we see OSW pick up momentum in North America and APAC, we are able to bring our European expertise to bear in those regions and help customers benefit from lessons already learned elsewhere.

Our 2023 plans

Our steering team has prioritized our efforts for 2023 including some I’ve mentioned above that we’ll keep moving in 2023, along with some new initiatives. Beyond serving our valued clients, we will be focused on the recruitment, retention and development of our people; rolling out an Account Management Framework pilot; developing and growing our Advisory capability; transforming our Asia business; and expanding long-term plans for new services and ways to work.

As well as serving the energy industry, I truly believe that PSC should lead where we can and so we have begun a more comprehensive measurement of our scope of 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions as a first step towards net-zero. However, that’s not enough, and in 2023 we will continue this work and explore how PSC can be better with an aim of becoming a regenerative organization.

I’m proud of all that our global PSC team accomplished in 2022. We’ve helped our clients in their journey toward decarbonizing our energy system whilst maintaining reliable service. We look forward to more collaboration and contribution toward our shared clean energy future in 2023.