WHITE PAPER: FERC 881 roadmap considerations for transmission owners
January 20, 2023
Dr. Anil Jampala
Dr. Anil Jampala

Most US electric utilities use seasonal ratings for their transmission lines in their energy management system (EMS) models. However, FERC order 881 mandates hourly Ambient Adjusted Ratings (AARs) by July 2025. As a result, transmission owners and providers, as well as EMS vendors, need to make significant changes to fulfill the order. This white paper provides the primary roadmap considerations transmission owners can leverage to achieve compliance.

FERC 881 linesThis white paper lays out some of the key considerations for transmission owners and providers when laying out a roadmap for 881 compliance. Considerations like improving communications and using the right data are discussed.

The author, Dr. Anil Jampala, also looks at the main areas of impact, considers the right questions to ask, and offers suggestions for dealing with the changes necessary for compliance.

Read the white paper here (PDF), or simply click on the cover image to launch the PDF in another browser window.