WEBINAR: If we designed the energy system today, how would it look?
May 11, 2022

We all know the energy system in Australia is evolving and one of the biggest challenges we face is meeting the needs of a modern network with our existing systems. But, if we could start from scratch, what would the energy system look like in 2022?

PSC and Energy Magazine hosted a recent webinar with industry experts diving into this question and considering what we’ve traditionally thought about when it comes to our energy system, looking at the revolutionary changes of recent decades, and exploring what the optimal energy system today would look like.

The webinar includes an overview presentation from Marie Slako, PSC’s APAC GM of Operational Technologies and Data Analytics, and a panel session featuring Stephen Bex and Victor Francisco from PSC and also Ariel Liebman from Monash University, Jennifer Hughes from Transgrid and Olav Krause from Grid Qube.

View the full webinar on-demand here.