Working with a premier system integration partner – Part 1
November 15, 2023

John Camilleri

Planning your next move is critical in an industry that’s rapidly evolving. As innovations emerge from all corners of the globe, finding the right solution for your needs while running the grid can be exceedingly demanding. Partnering with a premier system integrator to design, build, and maintain the operational systems that run your business can help you carve a path in an environment that’s filled with uncertainty.

Electric utilities provide the mission-critical service of powering the grid. Finding the time and internal resources to research, plan, and execute your next move isn’t always possible. For that reason, outsourcing expertise is a common solution to these challenges.

But outsourcing has pitfalls of its own… A third party may not be privy to the grand scheme of your organization, limiting their focus on the tasks at hand. Does upgrading one small step at a time without a clear, long-term strategy make sense? Is relying on the expertise of a third party to handle your most important integrations the most effective approach to developing, maintaining, and optimizing your operations? Have you engaged the third party in knowledge transfers and sufficient hand-off documentation?

At PSC, we aim to go beyond merely fulfilling your immediate needs. As a premier system integration partner, our purpose is to serve as an expert consultant who provides not only the technical know-how but also offers strategic advisory services that can help you reach your objectives more efficiently.

What is a premier system integration partner?

Collaboration between organizations is vital. Each party offers different skills, expertise, and resources that the other may need. This is especially true in a sector where each business can have a completely different system. Typically, the utility outlines its needs, and the vendor or consultant provides the staff to assist or even execute the job. However, it’s a fragmented approach. While this kind of outsourcing appears to be a practical solution that facilitates project development, it’s often costly, short-sighted, and can leave your organization dependent on external resources.

What if there’s a better way?

Rather than solely focusing on the immediate task at hand and putting boots on the ground, a premier system integration partner is a masterful long-term strategist who can also deploy trained professionals to handle the more technical aspects of a project. It’s a strategic partner that takes a holistic approach to helping your company make the best, most efficient, and cost-effective decisions to reach your broader objectives while empowering you and your staff to adapt to the changes as they come.

Collaboration that thrives on a deeper level of engagement

PSC is looking to engage in a long-term partnership built on a foundation of trust. To build a relationship where we cooperate and learn from each other. Our experts take the time to understand your organization’s capabilities and restrictions, leadership structure, staffing model, budget cycle, and where your challenges are, and ask how to leverage your existing investments. This allows PSC to work as an extension of your organization with well-defined responsibilities.

A real partnership doesn’t aim to create a dynamic of dependence–it’s about growing together. That means being around when you need us, helping you achieve your goals, and backing off when you’ve got a handle on things. This way, you stay on top of your operations as they evolve. In the interim, we work with other clients and tackle other projects to broaden our expertise and ultimately serve your interests more effectively in the future.

Building a brighter future together

A premier system integration partner is an entity that you can rely on when you need them. It’s an organization that takes a holistic approach when providing essential consulting services. It’s an advisor that seeks to grow with your business as it overcomes challenges and deploys its resources in a way that empowers you to handle your operations independently.

Check out Part 2 of this series where I share an overview of the four pillars that are the foundation of our Operational Technologies service offerings.

Thinking of opting in?

PSC is a collection of highly skilled and experienced analysts, project managers, and technical specialists who can drive the best solution forward. We’re a premier system integration partner with your business’s best interests in mind, celebrating your success as if it were our own.

Of course, we recognize that the strongest relationships take time to grow.

Let’s have a conversation. Whether you need some advisory services, an architecture review, or some assistance with integrating a new system, we’re happy to help. Contact us.