HVDC Specialist Talent
March 8, 2017

Since the first HVDC project was commissioned during the 1950s, the use of HVDC technology has gained widespread acceptance. As a result, the number of HVDC projects being developed and commissioned throughout the world increases each year, as do the applications for the technology. These factors have driven a major increase in demand for HVDC expertise.

HVDC projects also sit on the leading edge of technology and often bring with them high profile risks that need to be managed and addressed by experienced people. To meet this challenge, organisations are looking for the best people with the track record to match. PSC is such an organisation. We recognise that the technology is constantly evolving but with a pool of specialist talent, the PSC team has the edge.

PSC HVDC people come with the hands-on experience you would expect from a team that has worked together on a number of projects around the world. These include projects of varying technology and topology from a variety of equipment vendors. Members of the team were also involved with the development of the VSC technology – including significant roles in the earliest commercial VSC systems in the world.

Overall the level of experience, market exposure and collegial culture PSC offers allows the deployment of a highly professional and cohesive HVDC team anywhere in the world.

Full Breadth of HVDC Capability

PSC’s HVDC team is involved in all aspects of HVDC development, from the theoretical through to hands-on. We provide specialist advice for the full spectrum of requirements, including concept, specification, engineering and design, manufacture, construction, installation, commissioning, and operation. This experience covers both Line Commutated Converter (LCC) and Voltage Source Converter (VSC) technologies, as well as various topologies associated with these technologies.

In addition to a team of HVDC experts, PSC has a “deep bench”.

That is, we offer specialists in the electricity industry in fields commonly associated with HVDC projects – including control systems, telecommunications, IT networks, market systems, civil and structural fields, and high voltage transmission lines.

This depth of supporting expertise means that PSC can address virtually all technical issues during the development of a HVDC project.

The Future of HVDC

As to the future, the development of the HVDC technologies is allowing previously unheard of power transfers to occur over vast distances. These developments will allow the economic interconnection of power networks previously considered impossible due to large geographical distances.

The development of the VSC technology means that there are now more applications for HVDC technology. This includes the connection of renewable power sources in remote locations to parts of the network previously considered too weak, such as the connection of offshore wind farms and the real possibility of DC power grids.

The future of HVDC is exciting and PSC has a goal to meet it head on and be synonymous with HVDC excellence around the globe. In essence, we will be a leader – the first choice for the developers of HVDC projects anywhere in the world.