An Emerging Leader in Market Systems Support
May 20, 2016

PSC is rapidly emerging as a world leader in the provision of independent energy management and market systems integration, development and ongoing support.

PSC’s reputation for excellence has been forged by providing specialist support services to some of the largest system and/or market operators within the Asia-Pacific region and North America, as illustrated in the map.

Objectivity a strength

PSC’s success and reputation has also been built on objective, unbiased advice. We are both vendor neutral and independent from regulators. This is evidenced by the fact that PSC does not carry out any work for electricity market regulators involved in the generation, transmission or distribution of electricity anywhere in the world. Our advice is completely independent.

PSC is also the only company within the Asia-Pacific region that provides independent market clearing engine support. Unlike major software vendors, PSC is a “vendor independent” service provider that specialises in the electricity industry. PSC does not sell software licences.

So if you are looking for leading independent advice and support, turn to the specialists, PSC.