Spotlight on Generator Testing
February 20, 2019

A Complete Service

Combined with the Genassure Test Service, PSC services in Generator Testing and Modelling include:

Generator Compliance Management

  • Strategic planning
  • Independent technical review and advice

Governor Testing including:

  • Step Response Tests
  • Stability Tests
  • Frequency Control Ancillary Services Tests
  • Deadband Testing

Excitation Testing (AVR) including:

  • Step Response Tests
  • Closed loop Frequency Response Tests
  • Open Circuit Magnetisation Curve Tests
  • Power System Stabiliser (PSS) Testing
  • Over and Under Excitation Limiter Testing


  • Select simulation models or develop custom models to represent the excitation, or governor system topology
  • Overlay test results with simulation results
  • Tune simulation to match tested response
  • Source code for custom models

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