Generator Testing and Modelling in Malaysia
September 26, 2017

Peter Brown

PSC and Genassure delivered generator governor testing at the Murum Hydroelectric Plant (HEP) for Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB), which is both an energy development company and a vertically integrated electricity utility in the State of Sarawak in Malaysia.

The Murum HEP is located on the Murum River in the uppermost part of the Rajang River basin, in Belaga District, Karpit Division, 200 km from Bintulu. Construction began in 2008 and the Murum HEP was fully operational in mid-2015 with a total installed capacity of 944 MW.

PSC and Genassure were onsite at the Murum HEP Power Station to test two of the generator units and tune one of the governors. During the project we worked closely with SEB. The governor tuning improved the responsiveness of the tuned unit and the testing and modelling portions of the project were also successfully completed. Genassure and PSC have been working together to provide our clients with generator testing, modelling and compliance services for their generation assets since 2014.

The Genassure test system is an automated solution for the testing and assessment of generator performance. Many grid operators have statutory requirements for the performance of connected generation assets. The Genassure system independently verifies compliance through a series of automated tests. Advantages of this system include:

  • Automated testing to improve the testing process and reduce asset downtime.
  • Precision data acquisition and processing techniques ensures more accuracy in the final analysis and reporting.
  • Independent compliance verification, standards compliant and built in internal safety mechanisms.

The team at Genassure provides the skills and resources to develop and enhance testing solutions and to perform the on-site testing service. PSC provides the analytical expertise to develop and validate the models required by grid operators and regulators. Genassure and PSC are able to offer a complete solution including strategic planning, testing, modelling and validation for our clients.

SEB, Genassure and PSC staff in the Murum HEP control room