WHITE PAPER: Change is constant. The skills shortage need not be.
March 30, 2022

Matthew Robinson

Our industry is experiencing a revolutionary transformation. More change and advancement are occurring now than we have seen in decades. With these opportunities come challenges and access to skilled and capable resources is critical for many in the energy sector right now. Not only is competition for resources high, but the pace of change in so many areas means that traditional training and development struggle to keep pace with the speed to market of new technologies, new business models, changing regulatory requirements and the application of novel techniques.

We all agree we need to do something, but what is the best way forward? How do we better leverage resources and plan for ‘more’ – more change at an accelerated pace requiring a workforce with a more diverse skill set?

At PSC, we’re motivated to seek novel approaches to meet challenges that both our clients and we face. We may not fully realize these opportunities by training people as we have in the past; we must learn to do new things.

Part of the answer lies in different industry parties collaborating to find solutions to these problems. By working together to upskill our entire industry workforce, recruit, and train new talent, we hope to achieve a better result: a steady influx of engineering expertise and new skills benefiting the entire sector.

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