Western Power Distribution (WPD) in the United Kingdom has engaged PSC to deliver an innovation project known as the Virtual Statcom project. The project is being run by WPD and funded under the Ofgem Network Innovation Allowance (NIA).

As an increasing number of Distributed Generators (DGs) connect to distribution networks, technical constraints
arise that can limit the total amount of generation a network can host. To overcome the technical constraints
associated with distributed generators and continue to operate a safe, secure and reliable network, WPD
undertake traditional network reinforcements as well as initiating and leading innovation projects to develop
new solutions. A key focus of innovation projects is to increase the utilisation of existing assets to defer network
reinforcements, the Virtual Statcom project fits in this category of project.

The objective of the Virtual Statcom project is to determine the technical feasibility of increasing the network
hosting capacity, for both generation and load, through implementing an algorithm to optimise and coordinate
the reactive power output of existing generators in the distribution network. If the project demonstrates benefit,
it will enable more generation and load to be connected to the distribution network without the need for network

PSC is working closely with WPD and will be responsible for the following
aspects of the project:

  • Data gathering/validation and study zone selection
  • Power flow simulations and Virtual Statcom algorithm
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Time series comparison studies
  • Virtual Statcom feasibility study reporting

Our system study specialists at PSC have extensive experience in the modelling, analysis and planning of transmission and distribution networks. The global nature of our business means we can provide our clients with the right project solution anywhere in the world.