TransGrid Aerial Laser Survey (ALS) Project

TransGrid Australia awarded Power Systems Consultants and OPTEN an aerial laser survey project requiring the surveying of 2500km of their transmission network throughout New South Wales in Australia. Aerial laser survey (ALS) of transmission lines is conducted by a helicopter fitted with a high accuracy laser system.

PSC and OPTEN started the aerial laser survey work in late March 2008 and completed the field data collection stage in May 2008. This portion of the works can be a logistical challenge for any Project Manager but thanks to the combined efforts of Ross Crust and Tim Drake of PSC, Owen Smallfield of Connell Wagner, Helicopters Australia and the team from OPTEN lead by Andrey Makarov, the works were completed successfully with minimal issues and within the original program. Working in different countries has become part and parcel of being involved in ALS projects. This is particularly true, considering the vast areas covered in a short period of time and the general lack of local area knowledge contained within the team. Despite this, the projects have gone very well and the average Aussie or Kiwi wouldn’t even know we’d been there. It also allows the ALS team to venture into areas to which most of us will probably never see. A bonus of the job one might say.

PLS-CADD transmission line model

Stage 2 of the works was completed in Moscow where the data was processed, compiled into an agreed format and delivered to the customer. Staff from both PSC and TransGrid oversee the initial review and once agreed, processing and delivery occurs. Power Systems Consultants would like to thank TransGrid for their support and cooperation to date and also extend a thank you to Helicopters Australia who provided helicopter services throughout the entire project. This project follows on from several previously successful ALS projects undertaken for ElectraNet South Australia, O’Donnell Griffin and Transpower New Zealand Limited. PSC and OPTEN are able to offer a full range of ALS services to transmission service providers throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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