Strategic advisor supporting new offshore wind zone project in Australia


Australia has some of the world’s best wind resources, making Gippsland a natural choice as the country’s first designated offshore wind  (OSW) zone. Open for feasibility license applications, this zone became a key focus for an Offshore Wind Developer with Deloitte as a key advisor. The project’s initial phase aims to generate 1.5 – 2.5 GW of offshore wind capacity over the next decade, using 15 MW turbines, strategically positioned in the Bass Strait and offshore Gippsland.


With few floating offshore wind (FOSW) farms globally and being relatively new to Australia, it posed unique challenges in terms of technical complexities and connection options.

To better understand the technical and financial impacts, Deloitte engaged PSC as a strategic advisor, tapping into our global experience in offshore wind projects and in-depth knowledge of design, construction, maintenance and regulatory requirements for connection.


PSC swiftly assembled an integrated team of local experts with NEM connection knowledge and international experts in Europe and North America, drawing insights from the numerous OSW projects PSC have delivered in those countries. Our team put together a pre-feasibility report which included:

  • An evaluation of connection options – HVDC versus HVAC
  • High-level metrics for power transmission costs and connection to the grid
  • Insights into the current FOSW and OSW market in Australia and globally

This report will support the consortium’s application for the feasibility license. Once a license is secured, a detailed feasibility study with accurate cost estimations will be conducted.


With a keen understanding of the global energy landscape and a thorough grasp of local requirements, PSC stood out as an ideal partner for strategic collaboration.

With PSC on board, Deloitte harnessed a wealth of technical expertise, leveraging our international teams to bridge the knowledge gap in emerging FOSW technology and its associated costs in Australia.


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Engaging PSC as strategic advisor ensured we considered all of the elements that a complex and long-term undertaking such as this offshore wind project poses. I thank them for their insight and knowledge in helping our team navigate these unchartered waters.
We look forward to working together again on future renewable energy projects.
Marni Oaten

Partner, Deloitte