HVDC Transmission Core Business for PSC
Indoor AC Yard

Indoor AC Yard for the Estlink HVDC Light transmission link at Espoo Finland

PSC staff have been engaged on a number of HVDC projects, where they have gained a broad range of knowledge and experience on the latest technology. PSC assisted ABB, the world leader in HVDC transmission, with a number of projects in several different countries.  PSC staff  worked in Ludvika, Sweden where completed project design and development, China where they commissioned a HVDC link for the Three Gorges hydropower project, and Finland where a HVDC Light link was commissioned.

Ludvika, Sweden

PSC Engineers

PSC Engineers Paul Cannin and Kent Horan prepare a control cubicle for testing

Two PSC engineers worked in Ludvika, the HVDC factory for ABB in Sweden. Paul Cannin worked in the main circuit design and insulation co-ordination groups. The major projects he worked on included assisting in the preparation of the equipment specification for the Sharyland 150 MW back-to-back HVDC tie in Mission Texas and the DC Transient overvoltage studies for the SAPEI 1000MW project between Sardinia and the Italian mainland.

Kent Horan, one of PSC’s Control Engineers, worked on the new control system for a major upgrade to the Apollo end of the Cabora Bassa HVDC link in South Africa. This project also included the replacement of the Thyristor valves and associated equipment. The MACH 2 control system that Kent worked on is the world’s most widely used control system for transmission and this project will enhance his skills with the latest technology in this area.

Converter Transformers

Yidu HVDC Converter Transformers and Thyristor Building

Three of PSC’s Commissioning Engineers, Sarah Leask, Matt James and Mark Gilchrist, assisted ABB with commissioning at the Yidu HVDC Converter Station. Yidu is a 3,000 MW converter station located 48 kilometers from the Three Gorges hydroelectric power plant in central China and transmits electricity 1060 kilometers to the Shanghai region. From general commissioning of DC switchgear, converter transformers and filter equipment to detailed sub system testing and high and low power testing, PSC staff have gained a large amount of experience with the latest technology used for transmission.