John Camilleri

John Camilleri

As General Manager of Operational Technologies of North America and Europe, John is responsible for all Operational Technologies system deployments and solution offerings for PSC in North America.  John has over 23 years of experience in Utility Automation Systems and is skilled in driving customer requirements and ensuring achievable deliverables. John is a 31-year member of the IEEE and a Senior Member engaged in the industry providing numerous presentations and publications. John has specialized knowledge of security threat modeling, distributed energy renewables, and system architecture in advising clients.


Specialist Skills

  • SCADA/EMS/ADMS Technical and Management Leadership
  • Utility Operation Business Processes
  • Microgrid Control Systems and DER Integration
  • System and Software Architecture, Distributed Real-Time Messaging
  • Agile Software Development and Project Management

John Camilleri Information

          • Position:
          • GM, Operational Technologies, North America & Europe