PSC’s Richard Adams receives CIGRE’s pioneer 2020 e-session achievement award
November 11, 2021

The CIGRE Pioneer e-session Achievement Award is a special award created to recognize the outstanding efforts of the Study Committee members who contributed to the achievement of the 2020 e-session and/or of the 2021 Session. Our own Richard Adams was one of three recipients of this new award for his work with the B5 Study Committee. The SC B5 focuses on Protection, Control, Monitoring and Metering, and aims to cover the whole power system, end-to-end, related to this topic.

We are proud to celebrate this recognition with Richard! This esteemed industry acknowledgment underscores PSC’s global values of fostering bright ideas and investing in the future while exercising our passion for the electric utility industry.

When asked to comment, PSC’s UK Managing Director, Tim Miles, said, “This award is a great achievement and affirmation to Richard’s dedication and contribution to the progression in the field of Protection and Automation.”

Awards are typically presented at the bi-annual CIGRE Session in Paris, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a special Virtual Centennial Session was held in 2021.

Richard has been an active participant in CIGRE’s UK National Committee since 2003. He was the UK Regular Member for Study Committee B5 (Protection & Automation) from 2004-2012, receiving CIGRE’s Technical Council Award in 2011 for his contribution to SC B5 and an Outstanding Service award AND the CIGRE’s Distinguished Member award in 2020 for contribution to the UK National Committee. He was also the Advisor for B5 Advisory Group 53 from 2008-2018. He has authored technical papers and was one of 30 experts from around the world who contributed to CIGRE’s B3 Green Book, Substations.  Today Richard is the webmaster and Secretary for SC B5, a role he has held since 2018.

CIGRE is a global community where power system professionals collaboratively share their knowledge and experience.  This unique community consists of 60 National Committees, spanning 90+ countries with a membership of 15,000 and 1,250 member organizations.

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