PSC welcomes Sandi LiSanti
March 5, 2018

PSC Group is pleased to announce Sandi LiSanti to the position of Chief Financial Officer.  We are excited to welcome Sandi to the PSC team where she will undoubtedly make an impact as we work to optimize the financial performance of PSC for our shareholders.

Sandi started in March 2018 in the North American headquarters office in Kirkland and then made the long trip down to visit the Finance team in the Tawa office in New Zealand.  Sandi will spend time getting familiar with the complex structure of a company with a presence in eight countries.  Sandi has over 15 years experience in Seattle and British Columbia. Most recently, she held the top finance position at Artefact which, like PSC, is a professional services firm. Sandi has a proven record of increasing financial performance of companies she has worked at in the past.