PSC welcomes Heskin Mzungu as new APAC Power System Studies Team Leader
June 18, 2021

Roger Riley

As the electricity industry continues to transform, PSC keeps pace by hiring the best and brightest to delight our clients across the world. The fact is, we work in a dynamic industry with project lifecycles that can span multiple continents and so we attract international candidates who are willing to relocate to work on them. We embrace widening our search to countries outside of our typical business locations because we reap benefits from experiences gained elsewhere in the world.

We’ve done just that when we recently asked Heskin Mzungu from South Africa to join PSC in Australia as our new Power Systems Studies Team Leader.

Heskin Mzungu, PSC APAC Power System Studies Leader

Due to COVID regulations in Australia, Heskin spent 14 days in quarantine in a Melbourne hotel. “After a year of waiting for visas and waivers, relocating to a new country at a time of a global pandemic has been one of the biggest things I have done. But the idea of working for a company like PSC, with my new PSC colleagues and our clients across Australia, made it worth it.”

Heskin joins three other PSC colleagues who’ve also made the move from South Africa to Australia. Rob Anderson, PSC’s Principal Cybersecurity Architect, moved to Australia in 2017 and was hired by PSC in 2019. Bhairav Lad, a Power Studies Engineer on Heskin’s team, came from South Africa last year and has settled in Melbourne. And Rod Kisten, our Asia Pacific Power Networks General Manager, came to Australia in 2008 and has been with PSC since October 2020.

In his new role at PSC, Heskin will be providing leadership to our Asia Pacific technical team across a broad spectrum of power system studies – from generation and load interconnection studies, model development or validation from conventional generators and renewable resources, electromagnetic transient analysis to power system planning and operation studies.  He is also responsible for business planning and development and execution and delivery of projects.

Heskin is known for his close working relationship with his teams and a strong customer focus. He’s career motivated, talented, enthusiastic and shares our spirit of innovation and our value of collaborating globally as we help our clients thrive in a rapidly changing industry.

“I started my career working for a small consulting company and after a number of years in a large consultancy, it was time to get back to a more focused, specialized group. I’m thrilled to join PSC’s talented team, known for its globally collaborative and people-centric culture, and cant wait to help achieve our goals,” Heskin said.

Heskin joins PSC from Zutari (formerly known as Aurecon) where he led the execution of Network Analysis and Power System Studies across various industries, such as Mining, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Power Utilities, Rail networks, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Supply to Rural Areas for Zutari in Africa.

Backed by a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BEng) and a Masters of Electrical Engineering (MScEng) earned from the University of Cape Town, Heskin brings more than twelve years of experience providing project management and technical consulting services to energy-related clientele.

Heskin, who lives in Melbourne with his wife and son, is based in our office there, working remotely as necessary due to local COVID regulations.