PSC welcomes APAC managing director
February 28, 2023

Strengthening our Asia Pacific leadership team reflects the growing clean energy transition policy alignment across the region’s developed economies. With government financial commitments expected to seed the transition and create positive private sector investment signals, PSC is building our capabilities as the leading independent consultancy firm for utilities and energy companies. We aims to empower people to transform the energy industry and help create a more sustainable world. Ashley’s appointment is a vital part of that strategy.

Our Team - Ashley Grohn Ashley’s stand-out career in the electricity industry includes experience at cross-sectorial firms, including Aurecon, Jacobs, and Mott MacDonald, where he lead teams working across the energy transition. Bringing this experience to PSC, Ashley will focus on leveraging technologies in the digital arena to support clients across the energy space.

Commenting on his appointment, Ashley says: “I am excited to join the PSC team, which for more than 25 years has been tackling the thorniest engineering problems for some of the most prominent industry players. Our industry associates PSC with technical excellence, especially on the more complex problems we need to solve in our power networks. We can leverage this technical expertise and our abilities across the digital arena in areas such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, automation, data insights, and decision-making to help shape where we play in the energy transition. Post-COVID, clients are generally more accepting of utilizing digital solutions and resources from outside of jurisdiction. This plays to PSC’s strength of collaboration across our global operations.”

Recognizing immediate opportunities in the areas of conventional renewables like wind, solar, and hydropower, as well as storage, distributed energy, and decarbonization of the transport and industrial sectors, Ashley is also energized by the prospects for HVDC, the green hydrogen transition, and the enabling policy and market reforms necessary to accelerate these developments. In addition, emerging opportunities exist with repurposing and/or retiring coal-fired or other thermal capacity and the development of microgrids.

Welcoming Ashley’s appointment, Alex Boyd, President and CEO of the PSC Group, said: “Ashley is already very familiar with the key drivers and client challenges in energy markets across the Asia Pacific region, especially at the confluence with decarbonization and climate change. His skills and experience will be a great asset for our clients as we support them in achieving the best possible outcomes from the energy transition.”

Outlining his vision, Ashley says: “We are just custodians of this planet for a short time. My passion for cleaning up the planet aligns with PSC’s vision to ‘power a sustainable world.’ I believe the key challenge for the energy transition is a social license, and I am confident that our industry will deliver on the need for new technologies, approaches, funding and resources. Achieving our clean energy goals will mean stretching both the consumer and us. Still, we must be careful to bring end users across the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors with us. We can do some of this ourselves and partner with others for synergies, including from a wider socio-economic, policy, environmental, and technological/digital perspective. We have big problems to solve. The energy transition is vital to our future, and we are compelled to make a difference, that’s why I am so pleased to join the PSC family.”