PSC Strengthens Regional Leadership
March 21, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that several new leadership positions at PSC were accepted by incumbent PSC staff in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

“I am excited to announce a new regional team for the PSC Group,” said Alex Boyd, CEO of PSC. “It is a testament to PSC’s strengthening leadership that all these positions were appointed from within the existing PSC team. Congratulations to all these leaders on their increased responsibilities. I am thrilled to be working with them and the rest of the global team to take our customers into the future!”

In January 2019, Kevin Cheung was appointed to the role of Managing Director for PSC North America. In this role, Kevin is responsible and accountable for all operations and sales in North America. Prior to this appointment Kevin held the role of General Manager for North American OT and Markets, which he continues to fulfill.

“PSC is a fantastic organization composed of extraordinary people,” said Kevin. “I am excited to be a part of a team that is already accomplishing great things, and I’m confident we will continue to do so as we grow into the future.”

In February 2019, Roger Riley accepted the position of Managing Director for the PSC Asia Pacific group. Prior to this appointment, Roger was the General Manager for Power Networks in Australia and New Zealand. In his new role, he will be responsible for the management of PSC in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

“I’m looking forward to this challenging new role and driving better customer outcomes through better customer engagement all delivered by the dedicated PSC Team,” said Roger. “Never in all my time in the electricity industry has there been so much change and opportunity to make a difference. As I said I’m looking forward to it on a number of levels.”

In the UK, General Manager Tim Miles’ role has expanded to encompass responsibility for all Europe operations and is now General Manager Europe. “I have taken great pleasure in seeing the [Europe] business expand and evolve over the past 6 years,” said Tim. “We have an excellent team and a steadily growing client base who talk of our reputation for high quality and great value.”

Also in February 2019, Peter Brown accepted the position of General Manager for PSC New Zealand. Prior to this appointment Peter was the Asia Pacific Sales Manager and the Manager of Genassure. In this new role, he will be responsible for all operations for PSC in New Zealand including the Genassure team.

Peter said, “I’ve enjoyed developing a business from scratch and having the opportunity to grow it further with the support of a larger organisation. The last year in sales management has provided a good grounding in the full range of PSC services and I’m keen to work closely with our clients and our team to deliver innovative solutions.”