PSC NZ hosts summer intern engineering students
June 30, 2023
Ray Young

From Mid-November 2022 to Mid-February 2023 PSC New Zealand was proud to welcome Emma Frengley and Treasa Glubb as Electrical Engineering intern students from the University of Canterbury. Emma is in her last year at university while Treasa is at the end of her second year. The local PSC team offered them hands-on experience to better understand the electrical industry.

During their time with PSC, they worked hard on challenging projects. One involved them learning a new engineering-specific programming language to conduct a research project into interrupting Modbus communication between an inverter system and software control mechanisms. Supported by PSC Senior Engineer Geoff Callander who had initially developed the concept that needed further research, Emma and Treasa worked meticulously on interrupting data and manipulating its destination coding without breaking data along the way. The outcome, whilst not a final solution, made for an excellent learning exercise and helped PSC move forward with the potential to test and develop new technology that complements PSC’s Genassure range of testing capability.

To support the students’ understanding of the workings of a professional services organization and broaden their range of skills, they were requested to develop a professional and detailed report on their research. The written report was well received by PSC senior engineers. The students also presented their findings to the PSC engineering team in a presentation format, allowing Treasa and Emma to answer questions regarding what they had discovered and how they had made decisions on the development of the research process.

When not deep in the research project, both Treasa and Emma supported the reporting and documentation for Genassure testing results gained from previous site tests across Australia and New Zealand.  As part of practical learning, they both had an opportunity to travel to Australia and get involved in testing Hydroelectric turbines using Genassure equipment. The project made for an interesting hands-on experience to complement their office-based work.  The PSC Senior Engineers said both interns were valuable and functional members of the testing team.

The PSC team was delighted to have Emma and Treasa join us for their summer season internship, and we wish them well as they return to study at the University of Canterbury.

A note from Emma

Throughout my internship at PSC, I was introduced to various aspects of electrical engineering and the work at a consultancy. The variety of experience I gained was extremely valuable as I have begun my final year studying electrical engineering with a minor in power engineering.

Throughout the summer, the team at PSC was patient and helpful, spending many hours helping develop my understanding of power systems studies, generation and Modbus communication, and the business aspects of a consultancy. The research I completed for a proof-of-concept of the interception of Modbus communication gave me a better understanding of communication in inverter-based systems and skills in a new programming language.

Over the summer, I was fortunate to travel twice to the Snowy Mountains to help with AVR and governor compliance and commissioning testing at the Snowy Hydro stations. The experience I gained from the two trips gave me practical skills and knowledge which I have been able to apply in my university courses.

My summer with PSC was an invaluable experience. I had a great time working alongside the engineers in the Christchurch and Wellington offices and seeing the wide range of work within an electrical engineering consultancy.

A note from Treasa

As a second-year engineering student, PSC was my first experience in a professional environment. I learned so much in my twelve weeks at PSC last summer, surrounded by a team of experienced engineers willing to help me at every turn.

I was granted the unbelievable opportunity to travel to a hydro station in New South Wales, Australia, and assist a member of the PSC team and use the Genassure equipment to perform testing on control systems. This was an experience that will last with me for a long time. I would like to thank the PSC team in Christchurch for allowing me to work with them over the summer.

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