PSC brand refresh
April 21, 2021

Tim Ritchie

We’re excited to unveil our refreshed brand identity. It’s not a major change. We’re just implementing some new elements – a fresh coat of paint, if you will – in terms of our voice and visual branding. With this refresh, we have a more simple, clean and precise way of sharing our unique story that reflects the evolution of PSC since its beginnings in 1995 and builds on our heritage and leadership in the global energy industry.

Why refresh?

We are valuable partners to some of the world’s biggest electric utilities. Senior, world-class experts lead our six service lines. We’re known for our visionary insight and problem-solving skills. We get things done. We make things better.

We have recognized for some time that our brand wasn’t keeping pace with our evolution. So, we decided it was time for our brand to match what PSC has grown into and help guide our identity as we step into the next chapter of the PSC story.

We help our clients power a more sustainable world, and we now have a brand identity that reflects this.

Some things never change

Part of our purpose at PSC is to grow with intention, as individuals and as a connected team. We very purposefully decided together that our company’s look needed a little modernizing to mirror our role in this transforming industry.

While you’re going to see some new things, our core beliefs haven’t changed. Our vision, mission and our values remain the same. Our logo hasn’t changed.

PSC’s Value Statement

So what has changed?

What has changed is that we now have a cohesive design language that affords us a comprehensive toolbox of new graphic elements that properly describe who we are and what we do.

One of the key updates we’ve made is to our value statement. We broke it apart, examined it, and put it back together in a way that we hope is more clear and resonates with all of PSC’s stakeholders: “We help you power a more sustainable world.”

You’ll notice differences on our website and our most used collateral immediately. Our social media accounts have also been tweaked to align with our new look. We’ve even got new video backgrounds you’ll see if you’re in a virtual meeting with one of our team members.

Over time, all of our brochures will be updated and any new visual communication will utilize simple, clean graphics designed to break down the complexities of what we do to make them more clear.

As you notice changes in our branding, signage and promotions, we would certainly love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts, requests, criticisms or compliments.