Keith Fisk celebrates 20 years of Excellent Service
May 29, 2018

PSC congratulates Keith Fisk who achieved a significant milestone in completing 20 years of excellent service with the company. Keith has had an extensive career in the electricity industry and initially worked on hydro power station design where he specialised in control systems, instrumentation and telemetry systems for the remote control of power stations. This included working on many of the power stations across New Zealand.

Keith also had a heavy involvement in project managing substation SCADA projects for the New Zealand National Grid and has also worked on several control system projects associated with the New Zealand HVDC Pole 2 upgrade project in 1990. 

Keith Fisk (R) celebrates 20 years with PSC Co-Founder Tony Armstrong

In 1998 he joined PSC and has worked on a wide variety of projects for our clients and in many cases, has been the PSC design lead. Several of these projects include:

  • HVDC fast runback scheme in NSW Australia
  • HVDC “Special Protection Scheme” implementation review
  • Power Station revenue metering design and configuration
  • Traction SCADA RTU replacement for a regional rail programme
  • Design of systems for grid frequency and synchrophasor measurement with PI
  • Power Station PLC program design for ventilation system automation

Keith is also working on our solar charging and electric vehicle project – one of PSC’s initiatives in the renewable energy sector. The PSC management team would like to thank Keith for his dedication and excellent service over the past 20 years.