Harmonic Analysis in a Meshed Network
June 1, 2019

Transmission and distribution system operators are responsible for maintaining harmonic voltage distortion within statutory limits in their own networks. The rapid growth in new technologies and renewable generation suggests that the modern network is undergoing significant development to accommodate a growing number of customer connection applications.

EirGrid (the company that operates and develops the national high voltage electricity grid in Ireland) have been working on a number of new customer connection studies that required simultaneous analysis in a heavily meshed area in their network. EirGrid have engaged PSC to work with them to develop the models to calculate and specify emission limits for the different customers including how these new customer connections will have an impact on each other and the surrounding network. These assessments resulted in customers being supplied with emission limits in a timely manner.

In the ongoing analysis PSC has considered the use of two methods in determining the amplification of existing distortion on the system. This study was developed in conjunction with EirGrid and Energinet (the Danish equivalent of EirGrid) as a comparative analysis in order to establish the best approach in such calculations.

CIGRE Symposium Aalborg, Denmark

PSC, EirGrid and Energinet have produced two technical papers – “Challenges of Harmonic Distortion Limit Allocation to Multiple Customers in a Meshed Network using IEC TR 61000-3-6” and “Calculation Method Selection for Harmonic Voltage Distortion Gains”.

PSC presented both papers at the CIGRE Symposium that was held in Aalborg Denmark between the 4th and 7th June 2019.  As part of our commitment to continuous staff development and information sharing within the electricity industry, PSC maintains an active role in CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems).

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