The Future Has Arrived in New Zealand

Jul 11, 2019 

Change is afoot in the electricity industry.  Innovation in technology, evolving consumer expectations, increasing distributed generation sources, the explosion of big data, and regulatory commitments to renewable energy are all factors driving a massive re-imagining of the electric power industry as we know it.

The PSC team at EEA, from L to R: Dale Hermiston, Peter Brown, Geoffrey Callander and Stephen Butler

At the 2019 Electricity Engineers’ Association Conference & Exhibition in New Zealand this June, the focus was on the role engineering will play in bringing this new age of electricity generation and supply to life – and how they will grapple with this change in the future.

In many ways, that future is already here, says Peter Brown, GM of PSC New Zealand. In a keynote address delivered at EEA 2019, Peter asked attendees to embrace a new era in electrical power and challenged the New Zealand electricity industry to lead the world in building an electricity sharing economy and infrastructure.

“As its own set of islands, New Zealand is a great test bed for innovation in electrical systems,” said Peter. “We have weather that drives renewable generation, and we have a strong, stable economy to support innovation. It’s our responsibility as electrical engineers to ensure the next generation of power systems remains reliable, sustainable, and affordable.”

Founded in New Zealand in 1995, PSC has been closely involved in the evolution of the New Zealand electricity industry for the last several decades. In the spirit of this continued commitment, PSC was proud to be the Major Sponsor of EEA 2019.