Enabling wind farm projects
July 21, 2022

The global imperative to reach net zero and the current geopolitical climate amplifies the need for energy alternatives. As volatility in international markets drives up oil and gas prices, green energy becomes more important to our energy security. For countries aiming to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, renewables are no longer ‘want-to-haves.’ Instead, wind power, solar and hybrid technologies have become ‘must-haves’ essential to eliminating GHG emissions and stabilizing energy supplies now and in the future.

Enabling wind projects Up to 90GW of offshore wind capacity could be installed by 2024, nearly tripling current global capacity. Now more than ever, offshore wind projects require specialist expertise and global insight to succeed.

PSC supports the global offshore wind market with independent services in specialized technical advisory, engineering and project management consulting. Using PSC’s expert technical and owner’s engineer services in the power sector, our clients build projects to their requirements, save on costs, optimize availability and mitigate risk.

With our international resources, extensive technical knowledge and experience in offshore wind, power system studies, power networks engineering, and HVDC technology, PSC is well equipped to support any offshore wind project.

Read our latest paper about enabling wind projects from some of our senior experts around the world.