September 30, 2021

PSC has more than 200 global employees all contributing to helping power a more sustainable world. Our new employee spotlight segment offers a look at what our hardworking people are all about when they’re not serving our clients and each other at work. Our inaugural spotlight is on APAC Sales & Marketing Lead, Tina Kazmer.

PSC: How would you describe your role at PSC?

Tina: I lead Sales & Marketing across the APAC region in terms of strategy and execution. This includes supporting the development of account management plans, marketing materials, communications, thought leadership, strategic proposals – basically anything that sits under that Sales & Marketing umbrella.

PSC: What’s the most interesting or most gratifying part of your job?

Tina: I love learning. Learning about PSC’s amazing projects around the world is fascinating to me. A lot of the projects are about sustainability, the transition to new energy and the clever and innovative work we do with our clients is of great interest to me. Some of our projects are world- first and that’s something to be proud to be associated with. It’s great to be part of a team focused on the future and how we get there in a more sustainable way. We’re full of super clever people who are excellent at what they do. I see my role – and what I really love to do – is helping them to be famous, to get the attention they deserve and to share knowledge.

PSC: What is something your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?

Tina: I’m a sommelier (a wine connoisseur). A few years ago, I challenged myself to go back to study, as I was interested in the world of wine, including the technical intricacies, so I signed up for the course, which also involved a two-day exam. I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. It was challenging to study after being in the working world for some time, however, I passed the first level (there are four levels), which was all I had set out to do, and I was chuffed by that.  

PSC: Where did you grow up?

Tina: I grew up in the Northern suburbs of Sydney in a lovely house with an amazing backyard surrounded by the Australian bush with great walking around us and a creek.  

PSC: Where do you live now?

Tina: I live in a different Northern suburb of Sydney with my partner of 16 years.

PSC: Where have you lived?

Tina: I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot within my career and have lived overseas for work. Besides Australia, I’ve lived in London, Budapest, the South of France. And while living in France sounds lovely, it was a lonely time for me, as I worked overseas most of the time, traveling to Russia and India for work. As a result, I found no tutor who would take me on, so I wasn’t able to learn the language fluently, which is a shame. I’ve set up three different startups through my roles with different organizations, and I enjoy traveling to new places, learning their culture, history, cuisine, and the way things are done. I love to travel because it’s how we broaden our horizons and appreciate new and different perspectives. In that way, it’s how my life is about learning all the time.

PSC: How many languages do you speak?

Tina: I speak two languages fluently – English and Hungarian. The Hungarian is from my family heritage, from both parents. I also speak a little German and Italian. Just enough to go on holiday. I speak Hungarian with my mum regularly and stay in touch with relatives overseas too, so I get to use this language all the time. I really feel it is important to speak other languages, especially when you travel -people really appreciate it when you are able to converse in their language, even a few words.

PSC: What’s the most valuable advice you’ve ever received?

Tina: There’s so much advice I’ve received and most of it was good and usually in the context of a particular situation. There are a couple of things that have stuck with me. One is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” – that was not as easy for me to appreciate when I was younger, however with time I’ve learned how to pick my battles, and what to prioritize. This reminds me of something I read recently about Machiavelli and how he conducted himself – believing ‘it was better to be widely feared than to be greatly loved’. At one point in my life, I thought it was more important for people to respect you than to like you. But it’s a balance. If people don’t like you, they won’t work with you. So, I find it’s better to respect others and get on with them, find common ground and collaborate. To answer the question, I’ve learned many little lessons along the way, and am still learning.

PSC: What is the quality you admire most in other people?

Tina: Kindness. Especially now. We could all be kinder to one another.

PSC: What are you most looking forward to in the next five years?

Tina: I’m looking forward to being able to travel again, seeing people in person, visiting my friends/ family, experiencing new places, and meeting my colleagues in other locations. On a professional note, I look forward to seeing all the plans we’re putting together now in the organization, flourish. It will be good to experience something akin to a normal life again.

PSC: What is your biggest indulgence (travel, food, music, etc.)?

Tina: It’s a bit of a combination for me. I’m a foodie, I love wine and I love to travel. The whole point of travel for me is to experience new things, meet new people, see sights, and learn. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is going to the supermarket. My husband thinks it’s a tad odd, but it’s really ground zero for everyone. We all need to eat, and I find it’s a fascinating insight into a society.

PSC: What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Tina: I love to visit Hungary to spend time with my extended family there. My husband and I both love Italy – anywhere in Italy.  I can’t decide on one favorite though.  

Tina as a bridesmaid in India

PSC: Recent great read?

Tina: I used to read more when I was commuting. Now, during lockdown, I’ve been doing a bit more reading once more. Currently, I’m reading “The Argumentative Indian.” It’s about the culture and history of India, a place I feel a great affinity for, as it is very complex and interesting. The author, Nobel Prize-winning Indian economist Amartya Sen, is a fascinating guy who I saw present once in London. He’s the type of person I’d love to have at a dinner party. The book brings back memories of the times I’ve spent in India, especially when I was a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding in Mumbai.

PSC: What’s a sound you love?

Tina: I love classical music and find it relaxing, and it also helps me focus when I need to at work.  I also love the sound of Australian birdsong, we are lucky to live in an area where each morning we are greeted by this.

PSC: What’s a sound you hate?

Cockatoos on Tina’s terrace in Sydney

Tina: I don’t like the term ‘hate’ it is something we could do without in our lives, however, I dislike the sound of the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo as it has a rather loud and piercing screech. I love the birds, but that sound is not pleasant at all. Recently, five of them ended up on my balcony making a real racket.

PSC: What smell brings you back to your childhood?

Tina: It must be the Australian bush. Whenever I return from a trip, I can tell I’m home from the scent. Fortunately, you can smell the bushwalking around the city too: The botanic gardens is full of beautiful scents and sights – the eucalypts, lemon myrtle, and at the moment, the jasmine. These scents have a wonderful nostalgia and let me know where I am in the world.