Employee Spotlight: Josephine Chan
May 23, 2023

Guest Contributor:
Adam Robinson

PSC has more than 260 global employees all contributing to helping power a more sustainable world. Our employee spotlight segment looks at what our hardworking people are all about when they’re not serving our clients and each other at work. This spotlight is on PSC Australia Senior Talent Acquisition Partner Josephine (Jo) Chan who works from our office in Melbourne. This spotlight was written by 16-year-old Melbourne high school student – and aspiring electromechanical engineer – Adam Robinson, whom we were privileged to have job shadowing at PSC recently.

AR: How would you describe your role at PSC?

Jo: I am responsible for Talent Acquisition in the APAC region. My role is to support the company’s growth by hiring great people with the relevant skillsets to deliver PSC’s consulting services.

AR: What is the most interesting or most gratifying part of your job?

Jo: I find coming across the rare candidates I have been looking for, especially those I have sought for a long time, to be the most gratifying part of my job. The key to finding these candidates is sharing that the role PSC offer will advance their career through future promotion, interesting projects, and being part of a great work culture. I have a specific list of criteria I work to in most of our roles, so it is very exciting to find these gems!

AR: What is something your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?

Jo: I love animals and my life goal is to have a farm with alpacas and donkeys, particularly miniature donkeys. My love of furry animals is evident as I own four bunnies and a dog.

AR:  Where did you grow up?

Jo: I was born and raised in Hong Kong where the pace of life is always fast with little time to relax; the air is polluted and most people, like me, live in very small places, which meant I could not own pets. I came to Australia to study at Wollongong University in New South Wales, and I simply fell in love with Australia and its diverse multicultural population. The lifestyle of Australians can be described as more relaxed than the one I found in Hong Kong, I love the open space and the fresher air here. And whilst I was at University I met my husband, who I married after graduation, and more recently we moved back to Australia permanently.

AR: What is the most valuable advice you have ever received?

Jo: “Don’t take everything too seriously” was the best advice I have received. This was really useful for me because when I started in my career, I took everything too seriously, creating lots of stress and I could not enjoy my work or connect well with my colleagues. My realization that I was being too serious, and the changes I made as a result, have transformed me into the humorous, easy-to-chat-to person I feel I am now.

Jo and her daughter on a recent trip to France.

AR: What is the quality you admire most in other people?

Jo: I admire honesty and kindness in people, which is why I love PSC’s staff so much; I find them humble, respectful and honest.

AR:  What are you most looking forward to in the next five years?

Jo: I look forward to living a sustainable life, including having my own permaculture, a self-sustaining ecosystem. I would also like to plant some veggie patches on my farm, and of course, those donkeys!

AR: What is your biggest indulgence?

Jo: My biggest indulgence is travel, and my favorite spot is Italy. I love the food, architecture, culture, and people because they are welcoming, warm, and very funny. My bucket list of places to visit is Egypt, the Middle East, and Germany, among many more.