Electricity Distribution Networks – PSC Focus
May 1, 2018

It is obvious that the electricity industry is changing at a fast pace. As alternative energy supply increases, electricity utilities have a new focus on efficiency and cost control, based on technology and innovation. This includes matching diverse low carbon supply (including wind, solar and batteries) with demand through sophisticated real-time systems and software.

PSC is seeing an increasing demand for our services in the electricity distribution sector. This includes working with our clients to upgrade their advanced distribution management systems and network analysis to study the dynamic behaviour of load and generation.

The advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) is the real-time software platform that supports the full suite of distribution network management and optimisation. PSC is expanding its team of technical specialists and can assist our clients with the following technologies:

  • Automation tools
  • Data aggregation
  • IoT applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Outage management
  • Crew management
  • Offline analysis
  • Reporting applications

PSC is vendor neutral and can work with established vendor software as well as standalone software used across multiple vendor platforms. Some of the client systems we are currently supporting include technology from ABB, Siemens, Schneider, GE and OSI. One area that PSC has considerable experience is the development of automation tools. One example was PSC working with a client to design and build a semi-automated model data entry tool that significantly reduces the manual effort required to perform model updates. The principles used to automate the model building steps with this client form the basis of a methodology that can benefit other utilities seeking to streamline their model updating process. PSC is also developing mobile applications that can assist clients with field applications such as mobile switching, incidents and equipment assessments.

PSC’s power networks engineers have extensive experience in the modelling, analysis and planning of distribution networks. More information about how we are assisting our clients with network analysis and dynamic studies can be found on page 2. The global nature of our business means our operational technologies and power networks teams collaborate to provide our clients with the right project solution.