The Association of Power Exchanges (APEx) was formed to facilitate development and communication of ideas and practices in the operation of global energy markets and there are over 50 member organisations worldwide.
PSC has supported APEx for many years and in 2018 the annual APEx conference was hosted by Transpower New Zealand in Wellington from the 17th to 19th of October. PSC was pleased to be a silver sponsor at this conference and we had several market system specialists and senior managers attend the conference.

PSC’s Dr. Ranil de Silva was a speaker on the panel session – Renewables and Energy Efficiency, where he presented the electricity market challenges posed by integrating inverter based  distributed Energy Resources (DER) into Power Systems. 

PSC is a leading market systems and applications service provider with support and project teams currently working across multiple clients. Our teams have many years of international experience in supporting, developing, enhancing and upgrading custom and commercial energy market systems.

Our specialist market system skills include:

  • Market design & implementation
  • Clearing engine support specialists
  • Optimisation tools for DER
  • Trading & bidding applications
  • Software development
  • Certification and testing
  • Strategic advisory