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Independent consulting and engineering solutions for utilities and energy companies.

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We help utilities and energy companies overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing industry by providing independent consulting and engineering solutions that allow them to innovate and thrive.

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Thoughtful, Independent Solutions

As technology neutral advisors and advocates for our clients,
we tailor solutions to put your needs first.

We work with major electricity transmission organizations,
generation companies, energy asset owners and developers,
market operators and distribution utilities to sustainably deliver
power and improve the quality of human lives.

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Domain experts you know and trust

For more than 20 years, we have built a reputation for elite technical
expertise and sound strategic advice to the energy and utility industry.

We have a proven record of successful delivery of consulting services
to all stakeholders in the electricity sector.

Global Insight & Expertise

We bring lessons learned from around the world to every project
collaborating globally to produce the best results for our partners.

As independent specialists, we participate in forums dedicated to driving
the future of the industry around the world, like CIGRE and IEEE.

With offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia,
New Zealand, and Asia, we bring a truly global perspective.

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Lightning protection studies of UK renewable energy systems

Lightning protection studies of UK renewable energy systems

PSC UK’s Rob Knott and Stephen Lilley delve into evaluating renewable energy systems regarding lightning risk and propose preventive measures to mitigate damage or loss.

The importance of impressed voltages

PSC UK’s Rob Knott and Stephen Lilley explain impressed voltages and how they can be a significant safety hazard to be managed and controlled on any electrical construction site.

HV earthing design and analysis in the UK

PSC UK’s Rob Knott and Stephen Lilley explain High Voltage (HV) earthing system analysis & design and why such systems are important to creating safe work areas.

Debunking carbonization myths

Guest contributor Dr. Mani Vadari offers his take on the National Public Utilities Council's Annual Utility Decarbonization Report and its "Grounds for Change." The report is a deep dive into the state of decarbonization across the top 47 investor-owned utilities in the United States based on their electricity generation.

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