2019 PSC Scholarship awarded to Laura Harding
September 1, 2019

PSC has supported the University of Canterbury for more than 14 years. The PSC Scholarship was established in 2004 as a co-operation between PSC and the Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre) to promote and support the education of power engineers and the study of power engineering as a field of excellence in New Zealand. The scholarship is open to students in their 3rd professional year, who are focusing on power engineering subjects and have demonstrated excellence in their studies.

PSC Scholarship recipient Laura Harding and PSC New Zealand GM Peter Brown

Our congratulations go to Laura Harding, this year’s PSC Scholarship recipient, who was selected from a very strong field of submissions based on her outstanding academic achievement combined with a strong focus on practical work experience.  Laura has completed work assignments with Mitton Electronet and Electronet Transmission, and is currently the University IEEE Committee Chairperson for 2019.  PSC New Zealand GM Peter Brown awarded the PSC Scholarship to Laura at the University of Canterbury in August.