Cables Summer School
September 23, 2022
Raj Hirani

The IEEE’s Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS) organized their August 2022 Summer School on HVDC Transmission Cables and Accessories in Monmouth, Wales, UK. Twenty-five like-minded young researchers and engineers gathered to talk about the opportunities for future international research work and better collaboration between R&D and academia.

Cable talk

The main objective of this summer school was to bring young researchers and power engineers together from across the globe to discuss HVDC cables. The general idea was to collaborate on new ideas, share our skills on a single platform, and deliberate about the way forward to highlight potential opportunities that HVDC transmission and industry have to offer.

I was impressed by this four-day summer school. We considered our current market situation and took a more futuristic view of what we need to do to take the HVDC cable market and network forward. Together, we strongly emphasized how the styles are changing, trends are evolving, and what needs to be done in terms of innovation. There was a solid understanding that we need more contribution and collaboration related to the energy transition to come up with new ideas and opportunities.

Additionally, we had an interactive session with the professors, examining the research on cables and understanding the design frameworks.

Most importantly, we focused on insulation materials for HVDC cables, including cable manufacturing,  joint applications, offshore connection, etc., to make them a globally relevant, prominent player in relation to HVDC interconnectors.

The whole program was very well articulated, and it was great to brainstorm about cable materials and accessories that are already on the market or are in the development process.

My takeaway

The main takeaway for me is that the HVDC cable market and technology sector has been crucial over the last two decades despite some challenges. The new technologies will always find their way, particularly considering the requirements for higher transmission power and voltages in the current and evolving renewables landscape.

PSC is committed to continuing professional development and growth opportunities and I was pleased to represent my company, developing our future workforce at this summer school. It also reinvigorated my interest in tackling challenging projects in the field of HVDC cables!