ElectraNet Telecommunications Planning
Mt. Millar Wind Farm

Mt Millar substation on the Eyre peninsular in South Australia, surrounded by the Mt Millar Wind Farm

ElectraNet engaged PSC for a 10 week period to continue aspects of the telecommunications planning effort while they were advertising the role of Telecommunications Planning Engineer. The main component of the work was preparing the annual telecommunications regional development plans for South Australia that are prepared along with the power network regional development plans. ElectraNet analyses eight regions – one of them, the 275 kV network, spans most of the other regions. Other work included making preliminary investigations and providing estimates for the evaluation of new points of supply. John says that Adelaide has been a very pleasant place to be over the summer months with daytime temperatures ranging from 18 to 40 deg C and no rain to speak of. It is also known as the festival state with many different forms of entertainment on in February and March.


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