Simon Lister celebrates 20 years of Excellent Service with PSC
September 1, 2018

PSC congratulates Simon Lister who has achieved a significant milestone in completing 20 years of excellent service with PSC. Simon has extensive experience in power station and substation automation and control systems. Over the past 20 years, this work has also included the specialist areas of RTU and PLC programming and HMI configuration.

Simon Lister (L) and PSC Co-Founder Tony Armstrong

​Simon has worked on many projects for our clients including:

  • Technical specification for a substation HMI replacement
  • Design, programming and commissioning for a runback system for an HVDC interconnector in Australia
  • New SCADA master station and RTU’s for a rail network upgrade
  • Revenue metering design and configuration for hydro power stations
  • Field installation and detailed designs, implementation and testing for the upgrade of a generation control system

The PSC management team would like to thank Simon for his commitment and excellent service over the past 20 years, and a small social event was held to celebrate this important milestone.