PSC supports commissioning of world’s first VSC Bipole HVDC link
July 17, 2018

HVDC’s ability to send large amounts of electricity over long distances with low electrical losses has historically made it a technology of choice for long-distance bulk power transmission. HVDC, particularly VSC (Voltage Source Converter) technology, is increasingly the method of choice for overcoming the challenges associated with accessing remote renewable energy resources that require subsea electrical transmission and the interconnection of asynchronous AC grids, providing efficient, stable transmission and control capability.

PSC supported ABB with delivery of the Maritime Link Project, the world’s first Bipole VSC HVDC link. The Maritime Link Project is a 500 MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) connection that will enable clean, renewable electricity generated in Newfoundland and Labrador to be transmitted to the North American grid in Nova Scotia.

Factory System Testing and Site Commissioning

PSC worked closely with ABB in the areas of factory system testing and site commissioning, through to system testing and final handover.

PSC assisted ABB with programming and protection testing. The site commissioning phase of the project involved assistance with testing coordination and planning, the commissioning of high voltage equipment into the ABB MACH 2 control and protection system and commissioning of signals to enable full station remote control.

PSC assisted ABB to successfully complete and document all agreed tests set out by the customer. Three PSC employees were located on site in Newfoundland, Canada for 6 months.

About ABB

ABB pioneered HVDC technology 60 years ago and has commissioned more than 120 HVDC projects worldwide. With over 20 years of operational experience, ABB’s pioneering HVDC Light technology is used by 70 % of all the VSC HVDC links in the world.

Why did ABB choose PSC?

PSC is a leading engineering consultancy in the field of HVDC electric power transmission. Since the company was established in 1995, our HVDC experts have offered proven experience and hands-on operational knowledge with both VSC and conventional LCC thyristor-based converter technologies. PSC continues to support clients on all types of HVDC projects across the world including transmission interconnections, back-to-back links and offshore wind connected HVDC systems.