PSC joins the Irish Solar Energy Association
February 10, 2021

Ann Burns

PSC is proud to become an associate member of the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA), bringing with it the opportunity to collaborate with a strong network of like-minded companies recognizing the potential for solar in Ireland.

The ISEA recognizes the potential for solar in Ireland, not only as a means for meeting Ireland’s renewable energy and electricity targets but as a long-term sustainable and clean option with numerous benefits for Ireland economically, socially and environmentally.

The Ireland connection

PSC Ireland (formerly Gridconnect) has been in the Republic of Ireland since 2012 specializing in solar, wind, biomass, biogas and high voltage installation design. We have supported the renewables sector in Ireland with more than 2GW worth of renewable generation projects.  Our people offer expertise in substation and HV installation design, grid code compliance studies, and electrical design that complement PSC’s internationally recognized suite of transmission and distribution network planning and operations services.

Solar and PSC

PSC is currently involved in three of the first solar PV projects being constructed in the Republic of Ireland, providing electrical design and grid code compliance studies for the EPC contractor.  We are also carrying out grid connection feasibility studies and providing general technical advisory services to solar PV developers.

Being part of ISEA allows our organization to stay up to date with what’s happening in a fast-growing industry where we can play a key role as specialized consultants.”

Carlos Galvan, PSC General Manager – Power Systems, Ireland