PSC has created a new business unit to better meet our clients’ needs
October 23, 2020

Roger Riley

PSC’s Market Systems team has been advising clients in Asia Pacific for over 20 years, providing a wide range of services from Market Clearing Engines, market modelling and market design, through to testing services and bespoke software development. Market Systems is a highly specialized field requiring specific skillsets, whereas testing and software development, while still specialist from an energy sector perspective, are broader in both application and skillset. In recognition of this fact, we have developed a team dedicated to these services, Energy Applications.

Increased availability of specialists for our clients

With a blended service offering, specialist resources are allocated to mainstream projects, which makes them unavailable for specialist projects that require unique expertise. By developing a dedicated Energy Applications team, specialists concentrate on their areas of interest and specialization, while at the same time leveraging common skills amongst the two teams. This increases the availability of our specialists in both teams to fulfill our clients’ needs for their unique skillsets.

Developing our people

Previously, the Market Systems team was led by John McLean, who worked across all the above areas. With this new development, two of John’s team will take well-earned leadership roles. Victor Francisco, a highly regarded Market Systems specialist, will lead the Market Systems team. Gary Wade, an experienced delivery manager and full-stack software developer will lead the Energy Applications team. We are sure that our clients who have worked with Victor and Gary will be pleased to see their promotions.

These promotions allow John McLean to spend more time working with our clients to understand their needs and putting together teams to provide solutions.

Greater clarity around our services

Many of our clients were not aware that we provided some of the below services. Understandably, they would not expect Market Services to include many of our energy applications services. The split will provide greater clarity around the services PSC provides.

To find out more, please read our Energy Applications Capability Statement. Contact us for more detailed information.