PSC expansion in Asia
May 1, 2018

PSC is pleased to announce that Dr Keehan Chan has been appointed as the General Manager of PSC Asia and will be responsible for our business operation in the Asia region. Keehan joined PSC in 2011 and is an experienced electrical engineer with extensive knowledge in electrical power engineering covering many different industries including electricity utilities, the oil and gas industry, large industrial plants, power generation plants, transmission systems, regulatory agencies and academic institutions.

Keehan’s areas of expertise include power system studies/analysis, transmission and distribution planning, managing and implementation of transmission and distribution projects, pre-Front End Engineering studies for electrical works and the preparation of technical specifications and tender documents. Keehan holds a PhD and BEng(Hons) 1st from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom and completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Manchester Business School. He is also a chartered professional engineer in the United Kingdom and Australia.

PSC is working with our clients throughout Asia and has developed several client relationships so we are a trusted adviser. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Voltage stability study to assess the reactive power requirements in a client’s network.
  • Review reliability performance of a client’s power network with a focus on their distribution network.
  • Modelling and validation of gas turbine frequency test response.
  • Develop models of gas turbines governors based on OEM block diagrams.
  • Study the impact of large scale solar on reserve requirements.
  • Generation and load dispatch study for a transmission network.
  • Assessment on the impact of large generator and network transformers energisation.

As part of our expansion in Asia, the team has moved to a new serviced office in Shenton Way in Singapore. The office is in a prime CBD location adjacent to the Tanjong Pagar MRT station and offers easy access to supporting facilities.