Power System Engineering Services in Ireland

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With our local and international resources, extensive technical knowledge and experience in renewables, power system studies, and power networks engineering, PSC is well equipped to support any renewable project across Europe and beyond.

PSC has broad capabilities and extensive experience in completing electrical system studies to ensure power quality and availability. Our senior consultants are strategically positioned around the globe to help solve your power network issues, keeping your reputation and investments safe. Our local experts in Ireland are ready at a moment’s notice to deliver power systems engineering consultancy services like the ones below to help meet any challenges you face.

  • Detailed power system studies (Load flow, short circuit analysis, protection discrimination studies, insulation coordination studies, arc flash studies, HV installation integration design studies for on-site generation and BESS)
  • System impact and grid code compliance studies (FRT studies, harmonics studies in compliance with IEC and ENA standards, voltage unbalance, energisation analysis) using Digsilent Power Factory and IPSA Power software
  • HV earthing design (CDEGS earthing software, multi-layer soil analysis, touch and step voltage plots, detail earthing system design)
  • Lightning protection system design and surge protection device coordination
  • HV electrical system design and substation design (GIS and AIS equipment, switchgear and transformer specification, conceptual design of HV/MV equipment layouts, etc.)
  • HV cable sizing and optimization using Cableizer specialized software; Collector system losses studies with cable sizing optimization in compliance with IEC 60287
  • Data center grid connections

Please contact us to find out more about how we work hand-in-hand with utilities, developers and contractors to provide specialist technical consultancy locally in Ireland.

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