Our Next Evolutionary Step
May 19, 2017

Alex Boyd

A message from Alex Boyd, President, PSC

It brings me great joy to announce a new stage in the evolution of PSC.

Recently, the founders and existing shareholders of PSC completed a management and staff buyout that consolidates all of PSC’s operations as a single, global entity. I believe this transition is a great opportunity for our staff, and for our customers. Let me tell you why:

We’re doubling down on the PSC Culture.

  • Employee ownership is increasing. One of the critical factors when I led this management buyout was retaining the independent, collegial culture of PSC, and that begins with our staff. This transition as granted ownership opportunities to many of those who work at PSC, and employees are taking advantage of the chance to invest in the business.
  • PSC is here to stay. Often, buyouts are disruptive to the structure of a business, and this impacts both staff and customers. Fortunately, that will not be the case with PSC and our clients. Having been at the helm of PSC North America for 10 years, I have come to share the vision and passion imparted by the founders of PSC, without whom none of this would have been possible. The recent transition allows us to continue providing the excellent independent, specialist engineering services that PSC is known for.
  • Our roots run deep. I am so pleased that this next phase of PSC will continue to be championed and manged by the founders – Tony Armstrong, Robyn Armstrong, and Ranil de Silva. They have established a globally recognised, leading consulting business in the electricity industry, and they will continue forward with PSC in key management roles.

I am honoured to lead such a talented, versatile, and reliable organisation into this exciting new era in the electricity industry. To our staff, thank you for making PSC what it is today – I can’t wait to see how we will help our customers shape tomorrow. And to our customers, thank you for your continued votes of support and confidence in PSC. It will always be our goal to help you power the world.

Alex Boyd, President, PSC

A message from PSC Chairman and Co-Founder, Tony Armstrong

I am very pleased to announce the next evolutionary step for the PSC group of companies. On April 29th, 2017, the founders and existing shareholders achieved completion of a management and staff buyout led by PSC North American CEO, Alex Boyd.

This transition has resulted in a single PSC Group operation that has consolidated all the global PSC group of companies into a single, global operating entity. This is exciting times for all the staff at PSC as this transition extends ownership to many of them and allows PSC to continue forward as an independent, specialist engineering consultancy. For clients, it provides certainty that the client and employee focused culture that I have worked hard to establish and maintain will continue for the foreseeable future. It also provides certainty that PSC will continue to apply our proven ability to evolve our geographic foot print and service offerings in response to the dramatic changes that are already happening in the global electricity industry.

Alex Boyd and I are more than happy to discuss this activity to answer any questions.

Tony Armstrong, Chairman & Co-Founder of PSC