John O’Hehir celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC
March 12, 2019

John O’Hehir, a Director in the Operational Technology business for PSC North America, recently celebrated 10 years of excellent service with PSC.

As a project and account manager at PSC, John has leveraged his deep experience supporting the delivery of complex SCADA/EMS projects around the world to help our customers succeed. The relationships John has built with our customers, our partners, and our staff are emblematic of the PSC culture we aim to share in everything we do. PSC Group CEO Alex Boyd commended John on his achievement. “John took a chance on me and PSC in the early days of PSC North America in 2009 and can take a lot of credit for what we have built in North America since then. Thank you John!” Says John, “The last ten years have literally flown by. From the day I joined PSC I have met many excellent colleagues and customers alike – examples like PJM and Exelon on the East Coast, First Energy in the US heartland, and built some great relationships with vendors across the country. As to my PSC colleagues, I could never have wished for a better group of people both to work with, and to travel with – while living the genuine PSC culture to its fullest! Thank you to everyone.”

From everyone at PSC, congratulations John – and thank you for all your hard work!