Edward Hall celebrates 20 years of Excellent Service with PSC
February 3, 2018

In February 2018, we congratulated Edward Hall who has achieved a significant milestone in completing 20 years of excellent service with PSC.

Edward initially joined PSC as a Project Manager & Consultant, and has had several roles including Operations Manager and IT, Quality & Safety Manager. He currently is the Group IT Manager for the PSC Group of Companies and is responsible for the delivery of PSC’s internal IT services, as well as delivering a number of specialist client projects.

As an experienced project manager, Edward has successfully delivered projects including IT infrastructure, information security, cloud systems, telecommunication networks, safety systems and quality improvements. He is also a technical specialist in the areas of fibre optic cable systems and aerial laser survey (ALS) using LiDAR. He has worked with our aerial laser survey partner OPTEN to deliver ALS projects for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The PSC management team would like to thank Edward for his commitment and excellent service over the past 20 years, and a small social event was held to celebrate his achievement.

Edward Hall (L) celebrates 20 years with PSC Co-founder Tony Armstrong