Phil Devine

Phil Devine

Phil Devine has over 25 years of experience in control systems design, test and commissioning for HVDC and FACTS. He has been a Technical Lead on all matters related to the HVDC control systems from feasibility studies to commissioning and this includes involvement in numerous HVDC projects across the globe.

Phil is an expert in hardware, software and firmware with a detailed knowledge of the manufacturing, installation and commissioning procedures and processes for most major HVDC suppliers. He has extensive design and operational experience with HVDC facilities and FACTS devices which includes project management and technical group leadership.

  • Over 25 years’ experience in HVDC and FACTS control systems
  • Control systems design, development, testing and commissioning
  • Feasibility studies, specifications and design reviews
  • Factory testing verification and on-site commissioning
  • Commissioning procedures and processes

Phil Devine Information

  • Position:
  • GM, HVDC Europe

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