Tri Huu Le

Tri Huu Le

Tri Huu Le is the Director of Business for PSC Asia.  Tri has over 19 years of experience with electricity markets. Tri has years of experience in design, operations, market monitoring and DER systems including market modelling, design, development and support in various jurisdictions in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.

Tri also has extensive knowledge and experience in optimisation techniques & applications in dispatching and pricing in energy markets, energy and reserve co-optimisation, water valuation/hydro-thermal coordination and optimisation, load forecasting modelling, market trading analysis, EV smart charging, distributed energy resource optimisation and analysis and development of methods and tools for market planning and market monitoring.


Specialist Skills

  • Over 19 years’ experience with Electricity Market Systems
  • Market Rule Change and Market Development
  • Wholesale Power Market Systems Roadmaps
  • Dispatching and Pricing Methodology in Energy Markets
  • Load Forecasting & Energy and Reserve Co-optimisation
  • Hydro Modelling and Hydro-Thermal Coordination & Optimisation
  • Electric Vehicle Smart Charging and DER Optimisation Systems
  • Medium-Term Planning of Hydro-Intensive Power Market

Tri Huu Le Information

  • Position:
  • Director of Business - PSC Asia

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